Organization & De-cluttering

We are the experts in knowing what is available and who to contact. Our networking extends from knowing where to purchase fabrics, rugs, and lighting, to electricians, painters, and contractors. We get anywhere from 10% to 20% off at numerous stores, including Pottery Barn! We are happy to assist you with shopping!

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We can use your existing pieces to stage, and/or you can rent from our  inventory to get the "wow" into your home. 

Just do not have enough time in your day?  Let us help you uncover all the hidden potential and space through organizing anything from your closets to living spaces.

Are empty rooms causing potential buyers to walk away because they are unable to visualize the space? We will stage your space from floor to ceiling creating an environment that will appeal to most buyers. Fee variables include scope of work and square footage of property to be staged. We have complete lines of furniture to compliment every style of home and every scale of room. Free estimates are always provided!

Occupied  Staging

Enhanced Property Presentation Analysis

An Accredited Staging Professional will complete a walk through with the seller and/or Realtor to discuss the homes best features as well as trouble spots. We will provide you with an interior room by room detailed report of cost effective ways to make your home more appealing to the majority of buyers. Included is an exterior report, as curb appeal is huge in potential buyers coming into your home.

Property Presentation Analysis

Personal Shopping

In addition to the Property Presentation Analysis, we will actually do the work to transform your home into a masterpiece that will outshine your competition! We over-emphasize the best features of your home to help you get a bigger return on your investment. The arrangement of furniture, art, and accessories is included; however, for heavy items the client will be responsible for having assistance present.

Vacant Staging

​​​​​​​​-Barb Schwarz

​​​"The investment in Staging is far less than a price reduction!